10 Games to Play with Your New Fling

Ready to take things to the next level with a fling? Games are the perfect way to break the ice and learn more about the person you’re crushing on. Whether you want to keep things playful or get to know each other on a deeper level, there’s a game that can fit the bill. We know it can be hard navigating the endless selection of games to find the perfect one. Don’t worry, we got your back. Here’s a list of games to play with your date, curated just for you by the game-lovers at Wilder.

  1. Bad Choices

Bad Choices is the grown up cousin of your favourite game as a teenager, Would you Rather. This party game is perfect for you, your crush, and some friends to get to know each other even better, with a combination of pre-written questions ranging from hypothetical choices to classic never have I ever questions. Get to know your new fling on a whole new level.

  1. Box Of Lies

Want to see for yourself whether the person you’re interested in is a seasoned liar or if their fibs are totally see-through? Test your crush’s poker face with Box of Lies from Jimmy Fallon. Draw cards and either describe them exactly, or completely lie about what’s on them. The better your imagination, the more fun the game.

  1. Reflex

Trying to get to know your new fling on a deeper level? A card game designed to spark deeper conversation about critical thinking in love, life, death, politics, religion and more. Even if the packaging isn’t your style, give it a shot. This game will get conversations started and definitely take things to a more intimate place.

  1. Dobble

Get ready to break the physical contact barrier between you and your crush with this game. The rounds go quickly – find the matches between cards and place your card in the other player’s hand when you do. You’ll have to stand very close to your crush to win at this game! Just picture it. You. Them. Super close. So much tension. You’re welcome.

  1. Truth Bombs (with your crush and other friends)

This party game will help you get to know your crush, through their friends. Which, let’s be honest, is gold. Answer anonymous questions about the people you’re playing with, while they do the same about you. You’ll find out what your friends really think of you, get a chance to flirt with your fling, and overall have some great laughs.

  1. Don’t Get Got 

Feeling daring? This one’s for you. This game doesn’t confine you to a table, a board or a deck of cards. It’s all about pulling off missions without getting caught. Plus, you can play Don’t Get Got at a party, on date night, or even over a few weeks! Use your secret missions as the perfect opportunity to hang out next to your crush all night.

  1. Buzzed

As you probably guessed it, this is a drinking game. But it’s not just any drinking game. Thanks to fun prompts, you’ll hear stories from your crush you might not have otherwise known without the cards and a little liquid courage. Cheers!

  1. Drunk Stoned or Stupid (played with your crush and other friends)

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid is the game where you proclaim which players are most likely to be the person described on the card (ex: most likely to shame people for going to bed). Argue your points to the judge, who will decide which argument wins and which player is tagged as “most likely to.” Don’t know about you, but we’d love to see what our crushes think we are most likely to.

  1. Do You Know Me

Test your assumptions about your new crush (and friends!) with Do You Know Me. When it’s your turn, draw 5 cards with questions like “Is Ben’s Uber rating over a 4.6?”, which other players need to guess using their Yes or No voting cards. When the person in the hot seat reveals the correct answers, the player with the most correct guesses wins that round. Find out whether your instincts are right, and what your crush might think about you!

  1. Privacy

Draw a card asking a provocative question, submit your answer, and have your friends guess if you said yes or no. Here’s the twist: all of the answers are anonymous. Players can air their dirty laundry, or maintain their privacy and plead the fifth, leaving everyone to speculate the truth. Privacy sparks racy conversations and keeps game nights and parties lively! You’re bound to learn something new about your friends and your crush, one way or another, with this game.

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