Think of us as your wingman to waking the hell up and having some fun again. Because let’s be real, you’ve been on auto-pilot since 2013.

If the highlight of your day is watching Netflix, we can help. If buying new furniture is the most exciting thing that happened to you all week, we got you. If your friendships are reduced to quiet group chat and seeing each other once in a blue moon, again, we’re here to help.

How? By creating games that end in nights you’ll never forget.

And there’s more. Our (not-so secret) mission goes beyond the games we create. Alongside our products, we deliver weekly ideas and creative content that hype you up into doing cool shit. LFG.


Nickname: Steve

About: Got cut from the hockey team 8 years in a row. So I had to find something else to do. Since then, I’ve made a couple grand, picking up ones off the floor in clubs.

Quote I live by: No beach out of reach. – US Navy

Leave a comment if: You take Chipotle for granted. I don’t.

A few of my favourite things: The off menu drinks at Jamba, using the hotel lobby latrines instead of the one in my room, purple cows, dot notebooks and Gangsters paradise.

3 pros about me:

  • I know how to negotiate at the nike outlets.
  • I jog for 9 minutes a day every 3 days.
  • My inner circle is fucking tight. Wife, friends, family.

3 cons about me:

  • I came up with the idea of Uber 5 years before Travis but did absolutely zero about it. Last time that happens.
  • I can’t read text books, so I was pretty shit at school.
  • I like country music.

“He is not well.“ – Anyone who knows me


Nickname: Red

About: I like long walks on the beach… Just kidding. But actually, I really don’t. Nothing against the beach but have you seen how pale I am? For me, long exposure to sunlight is a recipe for disaster.

Quote I live by: “If we aren’t meant to have midnight snack, why is there a light in the fridge?” – Pinterest?

Leave a comment if: Pronouncing my real name makes you nervous.

A few of my favourite things: The Office, foxes, ice cream, the word playful and my pups! 🙂

3 pros about me:

  • I throw a killer murder mystery party. Ha – see what I did there?
  • I can drive, be the lead singer, the back up dancer, the band, and the creative director, all at once.
  • I know all the secrets to making food taste even better, like smooshing your burger flat or swirling your ice cream into soup. You’re welcome 🙂

3 cons about me:

  • I shed everywhere.
  • I spend 80$ a year to watch bananas turn brown
  • I have the worst laughing fits. They’re almost as awful as my hiccups.

“You honestly almost kill us every time you dance while driving. That’s not a pro.“ – My boyfriend reading this over for spelling mistakes.


Nickname: Big Butt

About: Almost 30 years old, can’t grow facial hair but keep trying, hate roller coasters, thought I was cool cuz I was the last person in my group of friends to make a Facebook profile, shit at directions, funny sometimes.

Quote I live by: “This is just a general rule, and it sounds really silly, but I would remove gluten from your diet” – Tim Ferriss

Leave a comment if: You want to do some burpees.

A few of my favourite things: the color grey, working out, steak, cleaning, starting a TV show and not finishing it, squinting, math, pickles, Lost, my brother in law, the dentist, traffic, buying hats and not wearing them.

3 pros about me:

  • I have clean teeth (brush twice a day).
  • I’m well traveled.
  • I’m great at making guac.

3 cons about me:

  • I have bad breath.
  • I hate leaving home.
  • I’m bad at cutting open avocados.

“He’s the most handsome and sweetest boy I know” – My grandmother


Nickname: Svik

About: Tall. Sarcastic. Sleepy. These are some words that describe me.

Quote I live by: “I’m an acquired taste. You don’t like me? Acquire some taste!” – Ramonoa Singer, Real Housewives of New York

Leave a comment if: You’re looking to make a new Animal Crossing friend. A few of my favourite things: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

3 pros about me:

  • Good at reaching things on shelves
  • Sends you funny Tik Toks
  • Always has a good reaction GIF

3 cons about me:

  • Forgets to answer your texts
  • Probably asleep when you call
  • Constantly making references that no one gets

“Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before,…” – Lady Gaga