Covid-19 Birthday Ideas

5 ways to celebrate your birthday during quarantine

If your birthday falls into the months of social distancing, we got you.

Things are being cancelled left, right and centre but having a kick-ass birthday doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ve come up with some creative and fun ideas to how you can still have an epic birthday during Covid-19.

Let’s take a look at some awesome birthday ideas you can use to make the special day, without just relying on Zoom or Skype.

The Opposite of Stay Inside

Whether you prefer chilling out and relaxing in the outdoors or if you like to get involved in fast-paced activities, you can really have a unique outdoor birthday.. For those seeking a more tranquil day out, lace up your hiking boots and challenge yourself to a trip out to one of your local hotspots (you can use Google Maps to find this out.) You can could go with friends and pack a disposable BBQ, bring some beers, crank up the speaker and even have a camp out after a long day of trekking. All while social distancing, of course. For the thrill seekers, bring out your competitive side and arrange for your group to hire some canoes or kayaks and go race and raft along the local lake. The Zoom app is a great tool for planning these kinds of outdoor activities for groups.

We’re always so engrossed by the modern way of life; we really have forgotten how much fun nature can be. This is the perfect opportunity to voyage into mother nature and have a good laugh while doing so. You’ll also feel totally refreshed.

Try a Drive-By Party (variations included)

If you’re after a unique way to celebrate, why not do it with a drive-by birthday party. Organize before-hand that all the attendees get to drive by your home and spend some time with you from their car, all the while catching up and having a laugh. Set up a table outside your home with those you live with, bring your drinks, your favourite snacks, get some music going and hang out with your guests as come through, one by one! And of course, have some shots ready for those in the passenger seat.

You can even take this idea one step further and plan a lip-sync battle/talent show for your birthday. This time, you drive from house to house (unless you want to drink), and have everyone be ready with their number as you roll on through. Your friends and family must attempt their best rendition of a song. Now we don’t think there is a better gift than being able to embarrass your friends all day long and will definitely be a fun day to remember! For the fun to continue, film each number and have a viewing party on Zoom with everyone that night.

Have a Wild Camp Out, Backyard Style

Why sleep in a normal bed when you can have an epic camping birthday bonanza right in the backyard! Grab a tent, blankets, all the candy you can carry, and prepare to stargaze the night away. You can even go and invite some friends over and have a fun socially distanced camp out. You can still tell stories, drink, dance and discuss the meaning of life together. And better yet, if one of you owns a projector, why not set up a DIY home cinema and bring the theatre experience to your own backyard. Just attach some white sheets to a wall or in the garage and start binging the latest Netflix series together. And if you’re camping out solo? Netflix Party is a new feature that allows a group of friends to stream at the same time, wherever you are.

If your backyard also permits it, get a mini bonfire on the go. Tell stories spaced around the fire, pretend you’re ace on the guitar and skewer some hot marshmallows all evening long.

Social Media as Your Event Planner

Be at the mercy of your friends and family on social media and you won’t regret it. One of our Wilder team members did this for her birthday and her Quarantine birthday was her favourite birthday to-date, which is pretty crazy! The day prior, she asked people on her Instagram stories what fun creative thing she should do for her birthday, promising to do everything that was suggested. And boy did they deliver.

Her celebrations included a morning run, a social media block party, a private music show, watching one of her favourite series laying on a blanket on the roof of her house, eating only her favourite meals, spending the night by a bonfire and building an epic fort in her bedroom to sleep in.

For those of you who don’t feel so creative (and read blog posts about what to do for your birthday), this is for you. And if you’re a bit of a risk taker? Her people were kind, but we can’t guarantee that your friends won’t have you streaking down the street.

Create a Bucket List and Start Crossing It Off

This might not seem like your thing. But trust us and give it shot.

Create a bucket list and cross off your first item that day. Maybe the creating process can be done with people over Skype/Zoom or in a park sitting around in a social distance circle. Have your friends and family help you with research/ideas. You’d be impressed with what fun dumb ideas people can come up, especially when having a couple drinks. So, feel free to bring a cooler of beer, for if the mood strikes.

Once the list is made, spend the rest of the day crossing at least one item off. For example, go skinny dipping for the first time. If you don’t have a lake or ocean near by, I’m sure your neighbour won’t mind lending you his pool. Tell them Wilder made you do it.

And if you typically hate planning anything, overcomplicating things, and rather drink till you forget how old you are, this might be the solution:

Shay Mitchell holding a bottle of alcohol and a sign that says it's my 33rd birthday you honk I drink

Hope this inspired you to make the most of your birthday and make it one for the books. Let us know what you end up doing on our instagram, we’d love to see and wish you a wild Happy Birthday!

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