Truth Or Dab: The Game

Inside the box:
250 Question Cards

The Last Dab Hot Sauce (1.69 FL OZ)
8 Tasting Spoons

Players: 3-6

Playing time: 30-90 minutes

The Last Dab Ingredients: Pepper X, distilled vinegar, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry mustard



These awkward questions will pit players against each other and burn bridges as contestants debate whether to tell the truth or dive into spice-ville!


For these cards, you don’t answer the question. Instead, you have a choice: take a dab, or let all players roast you on whatever subject is written on the card.


These cards will test your trivia knowledge. Each card has three questions. Get one answer wrong, and you’ll be on a one-way ticket to spice town.


These cards will test how well you REALLY know your so-called “BFFs”. Each contestant must answer one question about all the players.


After each round is over, all players must try to one-up each other by answering the One-Up question. This is a dog-eat-dog mechanic and creates some of the funniest moments of the game. Get ready to spill some hilariously embarrassing memories, and make it count. Because the lamest answer of the group will have to face the wrath of the Last Dab.