Turning Your Old Games into Wild New Ones

How to use your games at home in new ways

The truth is, sometimes you don’t have an amazing game on hand. You’re likely not buying a new game every week (if so, you’re our hero. Call us). Maybe you’re at someone’s house who has a very weak collection or perhaps your Wilder game is on its way to you but you want to play TONIGHT. Either way, we’ve all been in a situation where the most recent game we have on hand is a Monopoly with missing money.

But have no fear, Wilder is here. And we’ve created a list of new games. The best part? They’re made out of your old ones. Same cards, new rules, next level nights. Here we go:


Twister’s slogan is: “The game that ties you up in knots”. Well, now you can consider it officially changed to: “The game that makes you drink tiny shots” 

Place your mat on the floor, as you would if you were playing the regular game. In fact, none of the rules really change. The difference? Place half shots on all the circles. Players must drink what is on their circle before placing their hand or foot down. Once you remove your hand or foot from that circle, make sure to replace it with a new shot. The more players you are, the more you can turn it up with the drinks. Full shots, full beers or drinks. Up to you.

Four girls looking at the game of Twister which has alcoholic drinks on each circle


Up next, we have Scrabble. Again, keep the main rules but this time, introduce themes to the words you need to build. For every word you build that isn’t part of the theme, you take a shot. If you’re competitive, themes make the game way harder. But if you’re down to laugh like crazy, this is also the way to play. And yes, we just said “laugh like crazy” when talking about Scrabble. Trust us, this will change the way you see the game forever. Think about it: the bar is fully stocked, the music is playing and your theme is Rated R words and your playing head to head with your crush. Um… sign us up!


This is not your typical Uno game… unless maybe if Uno had a baby with Never Have I Ever and a case of beer.

You’ll need to make two equal teams, with 2 to 4 players in each. Once you have your teams, make sure to sit in between two players from the opposite team. In other words, alternate teams with every seat.

Now that you’re all seated, deal out 12 cards to each player. Lastly, set a theme for the game. Ex.: Nights Out. The goal of the game: be the first team to finish their cards.

Each player puts down a card at their turn. Here is a breakdown of the card rules:

  • Odd numbers: State something you assume your teammate HAS NOT done. (ex.: You’ve never gotten into a fight with a bouncer)
    If you get this right, discard the card. If you get it wrong, team has to drink and you pick up a card. Next team goes.
  • Even numbers: State something you assume your teammate HAS done. (ex.: You’ve lost your wallet at a club)
    If you get this right, discard the card. team has to drink and you pick up a card. Next team goes.
  • Skip your turn: This card requires the person next to you from the other team to skip their turn. It is now your teammates turn to go.
  • +cards: These cards require the other team to pick up more cards. The +2 card means the that player from the opposite team that is sitting to your left has to pick up the cards. If this card is the +4, you can chose how the cards get divided to the opposite team.
  • Reverse card: When you play down this card, the opposite team needs to switch seats with one another. You can then play down more cards (while following their rules) until all other team is all seated again.
  • Wild card (or, as we like to call it, the Wilder Card): Make up a rule for this one, and don’t hold back. Is this a dare card that the opposite team has to do? Is this an “everybody drinks” rule? Let your imagination run… for lack of a better word, wild.


Super simple. Grab your Jenga blocks and start writing rules on each block. If you are playing with family, you can tailor it to their humour. If you’re playing with your partner, you can spice things up by writing raunchy rules. If you’re with the boys, you can get pretty savage… okay you get the point.

There are two ways you can play this:

1 – As you pull out the Jenga blocks successfully, assign the rule to someone who’s playing with you. They have to follow what’s written on the block. If you pull on a block and it makes the tower fall, you have to be the one to follow its rules.

2 – Write general rules on the blocks. Then, simply follow the rule of the block you pull out and do as it says.

May the blocks be ever in your favour.


Last but not least, trusty old Monopoly. Except completely different.

Assign dares to each property. Feel free to be savage. You might see where we’re going with this… The concept: Anyone who lands on a dare (property) has to do it. Unless you own the property.

You need to spend your money wisely. Which dares are you okay with doing? Which do you want to avoid the most? Here’s a breakdown of the other rules:

  • Chance: pick up a chance card, as the regular game goes
  • Landing on jail: pick someone who has to drink
  • Go to jail: finish your drink
  • Community pile: Ignore these cards. This is a time where everyone drinks.
  • Trains: Switch the dares on one property

Oh, and one more thing:

Last rule, and this one applies to all the games: don’t drink and drive. It’s lame. 

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